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Sport and physical education is an integral part of education and a means to achieve physical and mental health. It should not be assumed that physical education and is a fancy worthless issue and merely a means for fun and engagement of children and adolescents. In contrast, it should be considered an important component of life activities. Concepts such as fitness, health, personal and social development and mental health are closely related to sport and physical education. A historical review demonstrates that civilized nations of the world always have paid attention to the importance and role of sport and used it for the development of youth and preparing them to deal with personal and social problems. 
There is a great gap between urban and rural areas in India. Rural residents clearly feel this gap in terms of sports facilities. The present study aims to fill the class gap by initiatives and demonstrating the benefits of exercise and sport, hoping that the status of physical education in rural areas would be more seriously followed in future plans of the government.